Solar Plus Storage

Firefly solar offers storage solutions for backup power, grid-assisted, and fully off-grid applications.

Tesla Powerwall

Reduce your reliance on the grid by storing solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining.

An advantage many of our clients like about Tesla Powerwall is leveraging the easy-to-use app to fine-tune home energy management. Partnering with Tesla means we can offer you the ability to:

  • Control backup needs
  • Track and manage storage
  • Access time-base controls
  • Make cost-saving adjustments
  • Create schedules (including different setups for the week and weekend)

Plus, you can also create home energy usage reports to help you track your usage and identify any changes you can make to help further save money on your energy bill.

It is important to also note that Powerwall automatically and instantaneously switches over, to supply your home with backup power—so you won’t even know if you’re experiencing a neighborhood power outage.


An all-in-one smart energy system with the safety, power, and reliability you need, Enphase’s Ensemble technology helps create a tightly integrated system to supply your home with reliable energy, power storage, and home energy monitoring and control systems.

Ensemble technology works by:

  • Powering your home instantly with solar energy collected on your property.
  • Saving energy to a solar battery storage system, for use later (when your family most needs it).
  • Feeding energy back to your grid.

With multiple options for controlling and tracking your energy usage, Enphase Ensemble technology can help you save money—while retaining reliable energy options. The mobile app gives you the power to program:

  • Self-consumption mode: Top-up your solar battery storage during the day, and use it at night.
  • Savings mode: Charge your batteries only during non-peak hours and use them during the most expensive times of day.
  • Full backup mode: Best leveraged for long-term needs, this option allows you to use your batteries during outages and grid failures.