Tesla Solar Roof Certified



Stunning Solar Roof

Enhance Your Home’s Visual Appeal

Embrace the installation of Tesla Solar Roof, a comprehensive solar and energy storage solution that seamlessly blends into your home’s design. The exquisite combination of glass solar tiles and durable steel roofing tiles adds a touch of elegance to your property, perfectly complementing its inherent beauty. Take the first step towards sustainable living by contacting a Firefly Solar specialist.

Extreme Durability

Conquer the Forces of Nature

Tesla Solar Roof combines the power of glass solar tiles and the durability of steel roofing tiles. The glass solar tiles harness the sun’s energy, while the high-quality steel tiles provide exceptional longevity and safeguard against corrosion for your roof. Engineered to withstand any weather condition, both options are built to last, ensuring all-round protection. Backed by a 25-year warranty, Solar Roof guarantees long-term clean energy production and uncompromising home security for years on end.


Innovative Design

Tesla Solar Roof is meticulously crafted as a top-tier roofing material for optimal performance

1. Tile: Offers impact resistance, water shedding, and power generation capabilities.

2. Air Gap: Ensures proper wiring, safeguards against ice-dams, and complies with Cool Roof standards.

3. Underlayment: Provides reliable water and fire protection.

Solar Battery Backup

Ensuring Power Reliability

With Powerwall, a premium, scalable solar battery backup system included with Tesla Solar Roof, you gain constant energy assurance. It efficiently stores the solar energy generated by your Solar Roof, empowering you to fuel your home at any time, whether it’s nighttime or during unexpected power outages.

Energy Optimization

Optimal Solar Generation

Achieve peak solar efficiency, even on roofs with challenging angles and varying sunlight exposure. The combination of glass solar tiles, high-quality steel tiles, vent covers, and ridge caps creates a robust and high-performing roof. With the Tesla Solar Inverter, your integrated system guarantees safety, dependability, and resilience during outages. Moreover, the built-in connectivity ensures continuous enhancement through over-the-air software updates.


Track + Enhance

Utilize the Tesla application to keep a real-time check on your energy generation. Seamlessly manage your system from any location, receiving immediate notifications and enjoying remote control.

Tesla Solar Roof Specs


25 years

Fire Rating

Class A (highest rating)

Solar Glass Tiles

72 W

Hail Rating

Class 3

Steel Tiles

Corrosion and weather resistant

Roof Pitch

≥ 2:12

Wind Rating

Class F (highest rating)

Solar Installation

Trusted Expertise

With access to a team of energy professionals that have installed nearly 4.0 GW of solar across approximately 480,000 roofs —cumulatively generating over 25.0 TWhs of clean energy. From design to power on, we take care of everything. Chat with a Firefly Solar Tesla Certified Advisor to ask any questions about the Tesla Solar Roof.

Tesla Solar Roof FAQs

To begin the process, fill out the form below and a Firefly Solar specialist will contact you. You will be asked to provide your info, estimated roof size and monthly energy usage, from which Firefly Solar will recommend a system size that we believe will best maximize your savings. For energy independence, you can select the number of Powerwalls on your order, allowing you to make the most of your solar production and provide peace of mind during a power outage.

Timelines to installation vary by region and are influenced by local permitting and utility timelines. It may take anywhere from one week to several months to begin installation depending on multiple variables. Contact us to discuss.

We will install your Solar Roof on top of eligible existing roofs in most cases. We will survey your home before installation to ensure that your roof is compatible with an overlaid Solar Roof.

If your existing roof is not eligible or you tell us you want to replace your existing roof, Firefly Solar will remove your existing roof before installing Tesla Solar Roof at an additional cost. We will perform any structural or electrical upgrades stated in your agreement before installing Solar Roof.

Note: Replacement or addition of gutters, skylights or vents is not included.

We use the information included in your utility bill to complete your design and submit for utility approval to turn on the system. Some utilities limit the system size based on your historic energy consumption needs. Please contact a Firefly Solar Project Advisor if you have not received your first utility bill to discuss.

After Firefly Solar reviews your utility bill, we will conduct a site visit and design your Tesla Solar Roof to meet your energy needs. Our designers place the solar tiles based on your available roof space and for the highest production.

If there is a limited amount of unshaded roof space or the system will produce more energy than allowed by your utility company, the system size presented in your design may be smaller than your original order. If your design changes, we will notify you and provide updated pricing first for you to review and accept.

On the first day of installation, someone 18 years or older will need to be home for at least the first two hours to allow proper access to the site. Depending on your home, additional site access may be required as the installation progresses. If additional site access is required, our Crew Lead will coordinate with you to ensure someone is home.

After installation has been completed, an Inspection Coordinator will contact you to schedule the final building inspection. We will then submit the results of the inspection and a final application to your utility company to receive Permission to Operate (PTO). We will notify you once it is safe to activate your system.

Firefly Solar works with your local city or county to schedule site inspections of your Solar Roof installation. Inspection typically occurs after your installation has been completed, however, some jurisdictions may require additional inspections as the installation progresses. These additional inspections will typically be coordinated with the crew and should not require you to be home; however, in the event access to the attic is required, the Inspection Coordinator will work with you to schedule the inspection.

The final inspection will require someone 18 or older to be present. Firefly Solar will work with you to schedule the inspection date and a general timeline. The Inspection Coordinator will contact you on the morning of the final inspection with a more specific arrival time. The final inspection is typically completed within 30 minutes after the Inspection Coordinator arrives.

We will work directly with you and your utility company to submit the necessary documentation for PTO. Any paperwork requiring your signature will be uploaded to your Firefly Solar account for your review and take action. Depending on your location, the approval process typically takes one to six weeks. We will notify you once your system is safe to activate.

Utility companies typically require an application for connecting to the utility grid. We will notify you once these documents are ready to be actioned in your Firefly Solar Account. Completing your application quickly will allow Firefly Solar to expedite the submission of your application. We will notify you once your system is safe to activate.

These instructions can be reviewed in the Turning on Your System video which we will provide the link to. We will notify you once it is safe to turn on your system.

No. On the day of installation, the crew will be prepared to install what has been designed and permitted for your home. Any requests to change the design on the day of installation can result in delays to your project or may require the installation to be rescheduled for a different day. Your Firefly Solar Project Advisor can assist with any design change requests prior to installation.

Firefly Solar will work with you to schedule your installation for the earliest available date. Depending on the size and complexity of your Solar Roof, the amount of time to complete the installation will vary. Most Solar Roof installations require approximately five to seven business days to complete.

System production will be visible in your Tesla App within one hour of successfully activating your system.

A force majeure event may include natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, lightning strikes and wildfires. You will be provided with all warranty related details explaining what to do should your Solar Roof system be affected.

Transform Your Roof

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