Why Solar Smart Home Systems?

Our solar Smart Home Systems make living easier & more economical

When using solar panels to power your home, solar smart home systems add critical cost savings for starters. With solar smart home systems, you can track how much electricity is being used in real-time, allocate energy efficiently throughout the day, and automate the process for maximum efficiency. Solar smart home systems not only help you save on your monthly electric bill but also reduce your carbon footprint by using renewable sources of energy. With our partnerships with top-quality smart home system providers, living smarter has never been easier or more economical.

Solar Smart Home Systems?

Ready To Get Started With A Solar Smart Home?

Installing solar smart home systems will differentiate and future-proof your home or business. With smart energy, you’ll be prepared for home and business energy modernization while having unprecedented control and actionable home energy usage insights.
Actually, no. Smart home systems are designed for flexibility to meet the needs of both retrofits and new home or business construction in most cases. Furthermore, they can be installed and serviced just like a standard electrical panel.

SPAN. Smarter Energy.

With A SPAN Smart Home, “Smarter Energy Is Here.”

The foundation to your SPAN Home: SPAN Home app pairs with the SPAN Panel to give you circuit-level management, real-time monitoring, and actionable energy insights.

Backup made better: SPAN works with your home battery and solar equipment for an adaptive and flexible backup solution unlike anything else available in solar smart home systems today.

Control & Monitor: Manage every circuit in your home from a smartphone or tablet—even when you’re not there. You can even use Amazon Alexa-enabled devices to manage and monitor circuits.Smart home monitoring of everything in your home—including your solar system

SPAN helps you make the most out of your solar production, with powerful insights that tell you exactly how you’re using your energy: Track solar energy generated, How self-sufficient you were and Solar generation over time.

Energy insights: Onboard intelligence all in the Feed. View unique and actionable insights into your home energy usage patterns.

lumin. Control Your Energy.

With Lumin Edge, Controlling Energy Is Simple.

Lumin can take on nearly 75-80% of your home’s energy consumption—greatly enhancing your storage system capabilities.

A responsive home manager, Lumin supports you and your family’s energy needs in three notable ways.

Whole home battery backup. Lumin solar smart home systems protect your home during power outages and can lend extra care and attention to your critical appliances (virtually), and also shed loads automatically.

Battery protection. Additionally, Lumin can help you avoid exceeding your battery discharge limits and prevent premature depletion of stored energy.

Flexible energy management. When it comes to energy needs, it is difficult to predict what type of coverage you’ll need from one day to the next. Lumin allows for reconfiguration of backed-up appliances, helps conserve energy during extended outages, and can find a balance between comfort and economy.

Sense Solar. Monitor Energy.

Monitor Energy Use And Solar Production.

To best see how much energy your home is using and when, solar smart home systems from Sense offer helpful tools you can use to track and manage your home’s solar energy.

Record and compare your home’s energy use to see if you can shift large loads and minimize what you buy from your utility.

Create your home’s personalized energy profile, to learn how much energy you’re using over time (and identify any trends).

See where your energy is coming from—solar or the grid. And, have the ability to make modifications to get you closer to net-zero.

Solar Smart Home Installations

We Design & Install Complete Solar Powered Systems.

The cost of investing in home solar panel installations varies from home to home because no two situations or properties are exactly alike. The size of the system is ultimately what will determine the investment, and this is influenced by several factors including the home’s historical electric usage, the extent to which one can fully realize the available tax credits, and the available space to install the system.
Own your solar panel system outright, and enjoy the energy savings immediately! Then enjoy the federal and state tax credits as they come back to you, and any applicable rebates that may also be available to you.
All home solar panel installations are unique, so we offer a wide range of financing options to best suit every individual’s needs. Every loan comes with $0-down, and interest rates as low as 0.99%. In most cases, your monthly payment will be less than what you were paying to your electric company, thereby seeing immediate savings from day one!
No matter which payment method you choose, we’ll cover installation, permitting fees, interconnection fees, and all labor in one, easy-to-manage payment schedule.

In order to fully evaluate your individual needs, we’ll send an experienced solar consultant to your home who will be able to establish exactly how much we can save you, and how much the full investment will be. This is a completely free service that we offer, and there is never any pressure, or obligation to make a commitment.

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With a range of sizes, power outputs, and aesthetic designs available, we have the perfect panels for you. Our high-quality solar panels are designed to help you save money while also increasing your energy autonomy. No matter what size space or budget you have, our solar panels will provide a reliable and efficient energy solution that looks great too! Click below to dive much deeper than our solar equipment overview.

Allocate energy with solar smart home systems.

Solar smart home systems make controlling solar power easier and more economical by allowing you to monitor energy usage, allocate energy efficiently and automate the process.

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