Smart Home

Our smart home features, and partnerships with top-quality providers, make living easier–and more economical


Lumin can take on nearly 75-80% of your home’s energy consumption—greatly enhancing your storage system capabilities.

A responsive home manager, Lumin supports you and your family’s energy needs in three notable ways:

  • Whole home battery backup. Lumin protects your home during power outages and can lend extra care and attention to your critical appliances (virtually), and also shed loads automatically.
  • Battery protection. Additionally, Lumin can help you avoid exceeding your battery discharge limits and prevent premature depletion of stored energy.
  • Flexible energy management. When it comes to energy needs, it is difficult to predict what type of coverage you’ll need from one day to the next. Lumin allows for reconfiguration of backed-up appliances, helps conserve energy during extended outages, and can find a balance between comfort and economy.


To best see how much energy your home is using and when, Sense offers helpful tools you can use to track and manage your home’s solar energy.

  • Record and compare your home’s energy use to see if you can shift large loads and minimize what you buy from your utility.
  • Create your home’s personalized energy profile, to learn how much energy you’re using over time (and identify any trends).
  • See where your energy is coming from—solar or the grid. And, have the ability to make modifications to get you closer to net-zero.


Tap into your home’s nervous stem and glean helpful insights by leveraging CURB, a home energy monitoring system that lets control over your energy usage.

This interactive energy efficient solution helps you uncover home energy trends, pinpoint areas that you can fix, and gives you control over electric bill by supplying you with:

  • Realtime notifications, through CURB’s mobile app.
  • On-the-go insights into how much electricity you’re using.
  • Smart home monitoring of everything in your home—including your solar system
  • Customized reports, including email updates and progress reports to help you further tailor your home energy needs and cut costs.
  • A monthly bill breakdown for indepth insights and tips to help you conserve power and save money.
  • Plus integration with your electric car (so you can be confident your car battery is charged).