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Vista Solar Power Gazebo 19′ x 12′

Vista Solar Power Gazebo 19′ x 12′

$22,697.43 Before Install & Incentives

Introducing the Firefly Solar Vista Power Gazebo Solution. Starting at 19′ x 12′, this solar powered Gazebo option is specifically designed to enhance and complement breathtaking natural views and vistas. Whether it’s a serene lakeside or rivera, the vast expanse of the ocean, majestic mountain ranges like the Blue Ridge Mountains, or the picturesque surroundings of a winery orchard, the Vista Gazebo is the perfect addition. This SolarPowered Gazebo combines style, functionality, eco-consciousness, and energy cost savings. Firefly Solar will handle everything to ensure your Vista Solar Powered Gazebo is installed smoothly and connected to your power properly. With the Solar Power Vista Gazebo, save money on energy while turning your thoughts to enjoying the finer things. From mountain views, drifting on the waves, or taking in a majestic rivera, enjoy the calm. We do hope the additional images below will inspire you with creative ways to escape with your Solar Gazebo. From poolside to mountainside, from back yard to bold lakeside entrance ways, the possible vistas feel endless. Finally, keep in mind that each solar gazebo has the potential to enhance your home or your business while still saving on your energy costs.

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Top Of Vista Solar Powered Gazebo - Firefly Solar

The Vista Solar Power Gazebo Solution By Firefly Solar

This beautiful Vista solar powered gazebo is not just a visually appealing structure but also a practical, energy-efficient solution. Equipped with high-efficiency solar cells, it seamlessly integrates with your home or business. The Vista Solar Power Gazebo is a sustainable source of energy that will reduce utility costs. Finally, Firefly Solar ensures a hassle-free experience from delivery to setup, including permitting and electrical connections.

The Vista Solar Powered Gazebo is an ideal choice for those seeking to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings. Lose yourself while gazing at a rolling rivera. And, while escaping in your gazebo, be confident you’re also contributing positively to the environment.

Why choose a Vista Solar Power Gazebo solution with Firefly Solar?

  • Unparalleled design excellence and rich style
  • Boosts curb appeal, increasing value by up to 4%
  • Elegantly crafted ceiling for enhanced aesthetics
  • Fully equipped to be weather proof and waterproof
  • 25+ year warranty & exceptional customer support
  • Full service: installation, support, & maintenance
  • Energy investment that pays for itself over its lifespan
  • Broadens and your home’s living space significantly
Interior Of Vista Solar Gazebo With Mountain View - Firefly Solar

Design | Elegance with Extra Living Space

For property owners, the Vista Solar Power Gazebo solution extends the usable area of your outdoor environment.

Indeed, your Vista Solar Powered Gazebo creates an ambiance of luxury and comfort. Simply put, it transforms ordinary spaces into elegant havens for relaxation and entertainment.

With their unique blend of beauty and functionality, The Vista serve as a significant investment in both your property’s aesthetics and its overall worth.

Power | Adept & creative Solar Technology

Our solar gazebo features bespoke all-black PV tiles with high-efficiency, cutting-edge solar cells. Its patented technology ensures the highest power density in Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions.

The Vista Gazebo system embodies state-of-the-art solar energy advancements. Simply put, it maximizes energy output, making it ideal for high-performance solar installations.

Front Close Up Of Vista Solar PowerGazebo Pool Entrance To Home - Firefly Solar
Full View Of Lake Leading To Vista Solar Power Gazebo Entrance - Firefly Solar

Oversight | Complete Solar System Monitoring

The Vista SolarPowered Gazebo offers robust monitoring capabilities. via web and mobile applications, stay informed about your system’s status.

With timely notifications, keep your system at peak performance. Moreover, you’ll receive detailed summaries of performance, insights and analytics.

This feature enriches user experience beyond basic monitoring. Effortlessly manage and optimize your solar power gazebo’s performance.

Own It | A Safe & Simple Control assistant

The Vista Solar Powered Gazebo’s Spotlight App revolutionizes the ownership experience.

As an owner, your role becomes effortlessly simple. The app offers peace of mind and the luxury of enjoying your investment without the burden of complex management tasks.

With the Solar Power Vista Gazebo, turn your thoughts to enjoying the finer things: From mountain views to drifting on the waves, enjoy the calm.

Vista Solar Power Gazebo Mountain Side View - Firefly Solar

Gazebo Details & Incentives

Solar Gazebo Cove Vista Family Market
Dimensions 15′ x 12′ 19′ x 12′ 22′ x 12′ 26′ x 12′
Sq. ft. 180 sq. ft. 225 sq. ft. 268 sq. ft. 312 sq. ft.
kWp 2.46 kWp 3.08 kWp 3.08 kWp 4.31 kWp
Federal ITC* ($10,272.86) ($11,503.82) ($12,774.75) ($13,993.88)
Electric Bill Savings** ($15,494.25) ($19,367.81) ($22,810.85) ($27,114.85)
Home Value Increase*** $6,848.58  $7,669.22 $8,516.50 $9,329.26
Total Saved After Incentives $32,615.69 $38,540.85 $44,102.10 $50,437.99
SC State ITC* $8,560.72 $9,586.51 $10,645.62 $11,661.57
Total Saved After Incentives (SC Only) $41,176.41 $48,127.36 $54,747.72 $62,099.56

*Firefly Solar does not offer tax advice and recommends consulting your tax professional for questions regarding solar tax incentives. Incentives shown here refer to a 30% Federal Tax Credit and a 25% State Tax Credit for South Carolina residents.

Calculating Solar Gazebo Energy Savings

**Energy savings shown here are based on estimated energy production offsetting a utility rate of 13c per kWh, increasing at an average rate of 3% per year. The total savings shown are 25 years’ worth of energy savings, which is the guaranteed life span of the solar panels and inverters. Each solar gazebo will produce a different amount of energy based on the location, the direction it faces, and shading conditions. The production estimates used to determine estimated savings are based on a south-facing gazebo receiving 4 hours of direct sunlight per day, on average across a year. The production estimates also assume a 1% degradation factor each year for the first 4 years and then 0.6% degradation each year after that.

***The estimated increase in home value is based on 20% of the estimated installed cost of the solar gazebo.