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Cove Solar Power Gazebo 15′ x 12′

Cove Solar Power Gazebo 15′ x 12′

$20,005.43 Before Install & Incentives

Discover the Firefly Solar Cove Gazebo, a 15′ x 12′ masterpiece, designed to enhance any natural setting. Perfect for serene lakesides, majestic mountain vistas, or the calm of vineyard orchards, this solar-powered gazebo offers an exclusive escape. It seamlessly blends sophistication with functionality, energy savings, and environmental stewardship. Firefly Solar ensures effortless installation and optimal performance, making green energy a luxurious addition to your outdoor living. Experience unparalleled tranquility and efficiency. The Cove Gazebo is your haven for quiet mornings, peaceful afternoons, and enchanting evenings, providing a picturesque backdrop for every moment. Ideal for any landscape, it amplifies your space’s beauty while promoting sustainable living. This gazebo is more than an outdoor enhancement; it’s a gathering place for loved ones or a secluded retreat for intimate moments. It embodies eco-luxury, elevating your property’s appeal and reducing energy costs. The Cove Gazebo invites you to embrace outdoor living with a conscience, offering a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and environmental care that enriches your life and landscape.

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Cove SolarPowered Gazebo With Sunset View - Firefly Solar

The Cove Solar Power Gazebo Solution By Firefly Solar

The Cove Solar Powered Gazebo by Firefly Solar transcends mere aesthetics to offer a functional, eco-friendly outdoor laguna like enhancement. It boasts cutting-edge solar technology, promising smooth integration into residential or commercial spaces. As a beacon of sustainability, this gazebo slashes energy bills and stands as a testament to green living. Firefly Solar simplifies the entire process, from delivery through installation, ensuring everything, including permits and electrical hookups, is handled with ease.

Opt for the Cove Gazebo to immerse in the serenity of natural landscapes, from tranquil waters to your own backyard oasis or laguna, all while making a significant environmental contribution.

Why choose the Cove Solar Powered Gazebo from Firefly Solar solutions?

  • Unparalleled design excellence and rich style
  • Boosts curb appeal, increasing value by up to 4%
  • Elegantly crafted ceiling for enhanced aesthetics
  • Fully equipped to be weather proof and waterproof
  • 25+ year warranty & exceptional customer support
  • Full service: installation, support, & maintenance
  • Energy investment that pays for itself over its lifespan
  • Broadens and your home’s living space significantly
Firefly Solar Cove Solar Power Gazebo Centered Interior View

Design | Elegance with Extra Living Space

For homeowners, the Cove Solar Power Gazebo offers an expansion of your outdoor living space.

Your Cove Solar Powered Gazebo introduces a realm of sophistication and ease, effectively converting simple areas into stylish retreats for leisure and socializing.

Merging exquisite design with practicality, the Cove stands as a valuable enhancement to your home’s visual appeal and market value.

Power | Adept & creative Solar Technology

Our solar gazebo is equipped with custom-designed, all-black PV panels that utilize advanced, high-efficiency solar cells. This innovative technology offers unparalleled power density among Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems.

The Cove Gazebo represents the pinnacle of solar energy technology, designed to optimize energy production. It stands as a prime choice for efficient and powerful solar solutions.

Solar Power Gazebo Cove - Left Side Water Front View - Firefly Solar
The Cove Solar Gazebo Interior Zoom - Firefly Solar

Oversight | Complete Solar System Monitoring

The Cove Solar Powered Gazebo provides comprehensive tracking features. Through web and mobile apps, monitor your system’s health easily.

Receive prompt alerts to ensure your system operates efficiently. Plus, get in-depth reports, analyses, and data on performance.

This functionality elevates the user experience, offering more than just simple monitoring. Seamlessly control and enhance your solar gazebo’s efficiency.

Own It | A Safe & Simple Control assistant

The Spotlight App for the Cove Solar Powered Gazebo transforms how you engage with your investment.

Ownership is made incredibly straightforward. This app brings tranquility and the pleasure of appreciating your asset, free from intricate oversight duties.

With the Cove Solar Powered Gazebo, focus on the pleasures of life: from gazing at majestic mountains to the serenity of ocean waves, bask in the peacefulness.

Cove Solar Powered Gazebo Side View Facing Structure - Firefly Solar

Gazebo Details & Incentives

Solar GazeboCoveVistaFamilyMarket
Dimensions15′ x 12′19′ x 12′22′ x 12′26′ x 12′
Sq. ft.180 sq. ft.225 sq. ft.268 sq. ft.312 sq. ft.
kWp2.46 kWp3.08 kWp3.08 kWp4.31 kWp
Federal ITC*($10,272.86)($11,503.82)($12,774.75)($13,993.88)
Electric Bill Savings**($15,494.25)($19,367.81)($22,810.85)($27,114.85)
Home Value Increase***$6,848.58 $7,669.22$8,516.50$9,329.26
Total Saved After Incentives$32,615.69$38,540.85$44,102.10$50,437.99
SC State ITC*$8,560.72$9,586.51$10,645.62$11,661.57
Total Saved After Incentives (SC Only)$41,176.41$48,127.36$54,747.72$62,099.56

*Firefly Solar does not offer tax advice and recommends consulting your tax professional for questions regarding solar tax incentives. Incentives shown here refer to a 30% Federal Tax Credit and a 25% State Tax Credit for South Carolina residents.

Calculating Solar Gazebo Energy Savings

**Energy savings shown here are based on estimated energy production offsetting a utility rate of 13c per kWh, increasing at an average rate of 3% per year. The total savings shown are 25 years’ worth of energy savings, which is the guaranteed life span of the solar panels and inverters. Each solar gazebo will produce a different amount of energy based on the location, the direction it faces, and shading conditions. The production estimates used to determine estimated savings are based on a south-facing gazebo receiving 4 hours of direct sunlight per day, on average across a year. The production estimates also assume a 1% degradation factor each year for the first 4 years and then 0.6% degradation each year after that.

***The estimated increase in home value is based on 20% of the estimated installed cost of the solar gazebo.