Residential Roofing

Whether you need a roof replacement, roof repair or even just an inspection, Firefly Roofing has you covered with these services:

Roofing Repair

The biggest culprit behind roof problems is a poorly maintained roof. Keep yours in tip-top condition.

Roofing Installation

A new roof doesn’t have to break your bank account. We can help you get a new roof at an affordable price.

Solar Installation

Getting burned by your utility provider? Go solar. Save money. That simple.

We offer FREE estimates and inspections to assess your roof for any of the following:

R Storm Damage
R Hail Damage
R Wind Damage

We even work with you to process claims with your insurance provider.

Remove. Repair. Replace.

Afraid to have your roof looked at because you have a solar array on it? No problem. As a solar AND roofing company, we are the expert authority on removing solar panels, repairing the roof and replacing the panels.
Solar Panel Installation

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