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Firefly Solar Takes the Helm in Upstate South Carolina Solar Expansion

“It represents a beacon for solar growth in Upstate SC,” said Aaron Davis. The enthusiasm surrounding the acquisition of Firefly Solar’s new Piedmont, SC property is palpable. This property, boasting impressive features, holds more than just potential for the company. With this expansion of our headquarters, It’s about contributing to solar growth throughout all of South Carolina.

“Firefly Solar’s new location along Interstate 85 is more than just a corporate move – it’s a statement about their dedication to promoting solar growth throughout all of South Carolina.”

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A Strategic South Carolina Location Paves the Way

Situated right on Interstate 85, this area connects South Carolina with neighboring states like Georgia and North Carolina. Indeed, for those unfamiliar, Interstate 85 acts as the major artery coursing through the upstate region. Firefly Solar’s strategic placement on this artery not only provides visibility but is symbolic of its commitment to driving solar growth in Upstate SC and beyond.

Versatile Spaces for an Expanding Vision

While the property holds just over an acre that is set to house the future Firefly offices, its current use is equally noteworthy. Until the main building is constructed, this land will serve as a promotional canvas. However, it doesn’t stop there. Nestled beside it is a residence earmarked as the temporary Firefly Solar office space. Moreover, an expansive three-acre yard, bordered by fences, further extends the possibilities of this establishment.

“With a range of versatile spaces, Firefly’s new headquarters is an embodiment of innovation and forward-thinking, key to fostering solar growth in Upstate South Carolina.”

Facilities that Augment Firefly’s Ambitions

Going beyond office spaces, the property is home to a 3,000 square foot warehouse, complemented by a rustic 1,900 square foot red barn. Additionally, a 1,500 square foot pole barn stands ready to shelter equipment. All these facilities are fortified by fences ensuring a secure environment. Furthermore, a vast stretch of six acres of wooded land lays in the backdrop, offering immense potential for future endeavors.

An Investment in Future Solar Growth

When you sum it all up, Firefly’s acquisition totals to just under 11 acres, divided into three distinct sections, extending from the highway to the dense forest. The excitement of this venture is not merely for the space acquired, but for what it signifies for solar growth in Upstate SC.

“Firefly Solar’s venture isn’t just about corporate growth; it’s a bold commitment to the broader vision of solar growth in Upstate South Carolina.”

Firefly Solar Excited To Play A Key Role In SC Solar Growth

In conclusion, with a dynamic team and the best minds at the helm, Firefly Solar is excited to continue contributing substantially to the rapid solar growth in the Greenville, SC, Spartanburg, SC and Anderson, SC regions to name a few. Furthermore, with their existing Atlanta, GA location, new location in Macon, GA and their continued growth throughout Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC there’s much more solar on the way. The solar energy future looks promising for Upstate South Carolina along with all surrounding SC counties. Firefly Solar is poised to be a key player in the sustainable energy landscape.

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