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Crucial Considerations When Finding The Best Solar Company

In the words of Aaron Davis, the owner of Firefly Solar, a solar company’s effectiveness is more than just subjective opinions, it’s based on lived experiences. The quest for excellence involves constant effort to improve and make your company the best. This applies as well to finding the best solar company.

My experiences in the industry have formulated opinions about what makes a good company and what makes a bad one.

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Building a Superior Solar Company

Davis highlights the importance of strategic decision-making in building a successful solar company. He proclaims that his confidence in calling his company the best comes from the strategic decisions made over the years, aimed at superior service provision. The use of subcontractors, for instance, is one area he mentions. In his experience, subcontractors aren’t always bad, but when they are, you have little control over the situation. This led him to forgo subcontracting, an approach he believes all solar companies should consider when striving to offer their customers the best experience.

I chose to control the customer’s experience from the beginning to the end, avoiding subcontractors.

Maintaining High Standards When Selecting A Solar Company

So, what should you keep in mind when finding the best solar company? Based on Davis’ strategy, control over the installation process is one key aspect. He stresses the importance of a company taking responsibility for the customer experience from the start to finish. Davis also believes in the value of third-party insurance, which provides assurance to customers and underlines the company’s commitment to long-term service.

I chose a third-party insurance company to warranty the systems, providing a full 30-year guarantee to our customers.

The Role of Strategic Decision-making in Choosing the Right Solar Company

Davis’ take on finding the best solar company sheds light on the crucial role strategic decision-making plays in setting a company apart from its competitors. It’s not an accident or bias, but a series of strategic decisions that make a solar company excel. He believes that choosing the right solar company means finding one that has put all things in place and checked all the boxes to deliver superior service.

Finally, choosing a solar company should involve a thorough understanding of the company’s strategies and commitment to delivering the best experience possible. By keeping these expert insights in mind, you can confidently navigate the process of selecting a solar company and ensure an optimal solar experience.

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