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Demystifying the Process of Choosing Your Solar Company

Choosing your solar company is not a decision to be taken lightly. The considerations involved in making the right choice are many and they need to be navigated with care. My insights, drawn from nearly a decade in the solar industry, can help guide you in this endeavor.

Choosing the right solar company involves several important considerations, all deeply rooted in my personal experiences in the industry.

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Understanding Vertical Integration in Solar Companies

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand the concept of a vertically integrated company when choosing your solar company. This essentially means that the company handles every aspect of your solar transition – from sales to installation – without involving any third-party entities. Choosing a vertically integrated company is beneficial as it eliminates potential finger-pointing that can occur when things go awry. If issues arise, the buck stops with the owner of the company, fostering a sense of accountability that protects the customer.

The buck stops with the owner of a vertically integrated solar company, creating a direct line of accountability.

The Importance of Online Reviews When Choosing Your Solar Company

Online reviews are another pivotal element in the process of choosing your solar company. However, they require careful examination. Every company will claim to be the best, but it is your responsibility to discern the truth from these assertions.

Look at the company’s history, assess the number of reviews they’ve received over their years of operation, and be wary of a company with too many five-star reviews – it’s simply too good to be true. Realistically, no company can satisfy every single customer to a five-star level.

Discerning the authenticity of online reviews is a crucial step in choosing your solar company.

Reading Between the Lines of Bad Reviews

Furthermore, don’t shy away from the bad reviews. If the company’s management has responded to negative comments, it demonstrates their commitment to customer service. Sometimes, you might encounter a customer who is impossible to please, but in other instances, they may raise valid concerns. Seeing if and how the company responds can provide crucial insights into their practices and ethos.

To conclude, choosing your solar company is a process that demands diligent research and a nuanced understanding of industry practices. Armed with these tips, you’re well on your way to making an informed decision about your solar energy provider.

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