Go Solar. Save Money. Stay Lit.

Own Your Energy With Solar Power.

Go Solar & Own Your Energy.

Go Solar With Firefly. We Manage Solar, EV & HVAC Projects From Start To Finish.

When you’re ready to go solar, go Firefly Solar. With Firefly, you get the best of everything solar from an experienced, award winning solar installation and roofing company. Firefly is a vertically integrated solar company. That means we’re responsible for your onsite assessment, roofing needs, solar panel installation, solar battery storage and smart home integration. Plus, we offer the solar industry’s best lifetime solar warranty, so you can relax knowing your solar energy investment is protected. For even more energy savings, check out our EV charging solutions and our complete HVAC Home Energy Efficiency services.

Solar Services Overview

Go solar & start saving money on energy bills today. Enjoy clean energy that you own!

Solar Battery Storage

Enjoy complete energy independence and resilience. When the grid goes down, you don’t. Stay lit.

EV Charging Solutions

Firefly Juice is thrilled to be rapidly scaling transportation with industry leading EV charging solutions.

Tesla Solar Roof

Embrace the complete solar and energy storage solution that seamlessly blends into your home’s design.

Smart Home Systems

Our smart home features, and partnerships with top quality providers, make living easier and more economical.

Roofing Services

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense. Protect your home and the memories you’ve made there.

HVAC Energy Efficiency

Firefly Solar provides HVAC services for absolute home energy efficiency and long-term cost savings.

Solar Power Gazebo

With PowerGazebo, enjoy energy cost savings while sharing outdoor comfort with family and friends.

Why Go Solar?

Why Pay For Energy Forever? Own It.

When you go solar, launch your project with Firefly Solar.

Are you ready to take control of your energy usage, save money, leverage clean energy, and own your energy with solar power? Firefly Solar can help make this a reality. We’ll design the perfect solution, and implement it from start to finish. And not to “humble” brag, but your neighbors will be impressed at how easy you were able to go solar with a company almost as cool as their customers.