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Firefly Solar: Lighting the Way as Best Upstate Solar Service Company

On the glamorous night of the 2023 Community’s Choice – Best of the Upstate awards, something extraordinary was shining, and it wasn’t just the chandeliers. Firefly Solar was in the spotlight, recognized as the Best Upstate Solar Service Company.

I’d like to thank the Solar Gossip Columnists for keeping our panels in the know,” – deadpanned Aaron Davis, our company’s CEO, in his opening remarks.

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A Brief Glimpse into History

Starting with a modest ray of inspiration and the trust of our customers, we like to think we’re evolving into a full-fledged solar energy movement with the best vertically integrated team in the industry. Our journey from inception to being voted the Best Upstate Solar Service Company was not without challenges.

“Also, thanks to our Chief Solar Mystery Novelists, who gives us hope that even our darkest days can have a sunny plot twist,” added Davis, with a smirk.

Why Us? The Best Upstate Solar Service Company

Maybe it is the passion. Choosing Firefly Solar means not only opting for top-tier solar solutions but also joining a renewable energy family that works with extreme passion. If you’re not happy, our job isn’t finished.

“Our Solar Philosophers deserve a shoutout for making us ponder the real meaning of wattage,” quipped Davis. “Or perhaps I’m over thinking it?”

Residential Services: Your Home, Solarized

Our residential services are tailored to provide you the perfect solar energy solution. With our expertise, we make the sun work for you.

“I must thank our Solar Conspiracy Theorists for keeping an eye on the suspicious activities of photons,” remarked Davis, looking anxiously at a light bulb.

Commercial Services: Business, Powered by Sun

“Thanks to the Solar Therapists, helping our panels cope with the darkness of the night,” continued Davis, as he wiped a tear.

Pros and Cons of Choosing Firefly Solar


  • Best Upstate Solar Service Company award
  • Commitment to excellence
  • CEO’s unlimited supply of dad jokes (Parent of rescued pets with solar inspired names)


“A big thank you to our Solar Magicians,” Davis declared, “for pulling energy out of thin air… Our hats are off to them.”

Best Upstate Solar Service Company - Red Carpet - Firefly Solar

Aaron Davis On The Red Carpet? Just Roll With It.

A Look into Recent Solar Innovations

From cutting-edge technology to customer-centric solutions, we have always aimed to embrace proven innovation and elevate our solar customers. Our commitment is to lower their power costs consistently while providing energy independence. We intend to keep that commitment.

“Let’s not forget our Solar Jazz Musicians and microinverters, for keeping the energy smooth however improvisational the weather,” Davis noted, snapping his fingers to an imaginary beat.

Collaborations and Partnerships

We have collaborated with various, brilliant partners, ensuring we stay ahead. Indeed, without their genius and training we wouldn’t have been voted Best Upstate Solar Service Company.

“Collaboration is key. Of course, like a good joke, it’s all about timing. And, you’re wishing I had some about right now aren’t you?”

Our Vision: Lighting Up the Future

The future is bright, and it’s not just because of the sun. With our vision, mission, and awesome team, we’ll always give customers 100 percent, regardless to winning the Best Upstate Solar Service Company award ever again.

“Applause for our Solar Detectives and insiders,” commented Davis, “for always managing to help us keep our customers ahead of utility rate increases. And, naturally, I apologize for blowing your cover just now.”

Conclusion: A Night of Triumph, Humor And Gratitude

With a room still filled with laughter and inspiration, our CEO, Aaron Davis, pivoted his tone to close his speech with a sense of pride and reverence for his employees and teammates. With sincere gratitude he finished with the following.

“Last, but certainly not least, Firefly Solar genuinely thanks every customer for trusting us. Furthermore, I truly can’t thank our dedicated team of hard working experts in the field and in the offices enough. This has been a fun and surprising evening. Thanks for making it happen, and cheers to next year!”

The night was not just about awards and recognition. It was about celebrating the spirit of innovation, excellence, and the endless, even tired puns that power solar companies. Firefly Solar will continue to lead, inspire, and bring solar-powered smiles to clients. And, if that earns us the Best Upstate Solar Service Company award, we’ll take it!

We hope you’ll join us on this illuminating journey. With Firefly Solar, the sun never sets on hard work, quality results, innovation, or even a good laugh. Stay Lit.

NOTE: In all fairness, Aaron was sleeping while the awards we’re being handed out as running a solar service business requires crazy sleep. But, he was certainly grateful to all. In addition, if he could’ve made it to the show, who’s to say it wouldn’t have gone something like that? Except with a much better sense of humor of course. That’s all.

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