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Juice Up Your Journey With Firefly Juice Residential And Commercial EV Charging Solutions.

Firefly Solar is thrilled to be a rapidly scaling part of the future of transportation with our state-of-the-art EV charging solutions. For the record, our EV charging division is known as Firefly Juice! The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is picking up speed, and it’s not just individuals getting in on the action. Indeed, businesses and cities are too. But let’s face it, for EVs to really take over the roads, we need a strong backbone. This requires a network of easily accessible and super-efficient EV charging stations. So, that’s exactly what we’re rolling out across The Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and all over the U.S. Get ready to juice up and drive into a cleaner, greener future. Partner with Firefly Juice as we increase the EV charging infrastructure. Learn more about implementing EV charging solutions in your home, business or community project.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Firefly Juice Electrifies The Revolution.

Fire up your EV charging solutions with two main choices. First, Level 1 Chargers are slow and steady, plugging right into your home’s standard outlet. They’re perfect for those overnight charges. However, Level 2 Chargers are where speed meets efficiency. Installed by certified electricians at Firefly Juice, these bring the fast-charge life right to your doorstep. For this reason, they’re the go-to for EV owners in need of speed.

Dive deeper with Level 2 chargers, boasting power outputs from 3.6 kW to a zippy 19.2 kW. Need a quicker fill? We might just tweak your electrical panel for that perfect match. Plus, smart charging features mean you save money by charging off-peak. Or, save even more using your solar panels for an eco-friendly boost. Firefly Solar’s got the solar expertise. Of course, Firefly Juice ensures your home EV charging solutions are nothing short of brilliant.

Juice up your business and community spaces with commercial EV charging solutions! As EV popularity soars, it’s time for shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, offices, and fleet operators to electrify their parking spots. Clearly, this will attract the eco-conscious crowd and expand business. Furthermore, with speedy DC Fast Chargers, you’re also looking at becoming a prime spot for those in need of a quick energy top-up. Think highway rest stops and evolving gas stations – it’s the future of fueling up!

Take your EV charging game up a notch by installing stations with multiple ports. Surely, this will boost your business appeal while aiding the public charging network. Mix it up with DC Fast Chargers for the speed demons. And, add Level 2 chargers for those hanging around a bit longer. These EV charging solutions ensures you cater to all EV drivers! Make your location a versatile charging haven.

Cities and municipalities, it’s time to turn the sustainability dial up a notch with Firefly Juice! By partnering with us, you can roll out an extensive public EV charging network. For example, think municipal parking lots, bustling street sides, and busy public transit hubs. It’s your chance to make your city a beacon of green innovation. Embrace EV Charging solutions, welcoming EV drivers with open arms and ample charging options.

But wait, there’s more to this strategic EV charging solution! Dive into the world of smart energy management with our custom load management systems. These ensure your grid stays balanced, no matter how many EVs plug in. Further, add a mix of multi-port stations. For instance, blend the rapid zest of DC Fast Chargers with the steady supply of Level 2 chargers. Finally, you’re looking at a future where every EV finds its perfect charging spot. Let’s electrify your community together!

Jump into the EV charging revolution with Firefly Solar and Firefly Juice both by your side! Our team of certified experts is ready to guide you through every step of our EV charging solutions. Thus, ensuring your switch to EV is as smooth as a silent electric motor. So, choose us whether you’re decking out your home or electrifying your business. We’ve got the skills and savvy to make it happen seamlessly. Plus, we adhere to the highest safety and quality standards.

However, we’re not just about plugging in chargers. On the contrary, we’re about powering futures with EV charging solutions. As solar integration wizards, we offer a dual dazzle of EV charging and solar panel solutions. Indeed, we’re crafting a green power ecosystem right at your doorstep. Imagine soaking up the sun’s rays to fuel your rides, cutting down on grid dependence, slashing those electricity bills, and stepping lightly on the planet. With Firefly Solar and Firefly Juice, it’s not just about going electric. In fact, it’s about being brilliantly eco-smart.

Install. Maintain. Scale.

Shared Passion For EV Charging Solutions.

Reduce your reliance on the grid by storing solar energy for use when the sun isn’t shining. Imagine the confidence of knowing you can effortlessly supply your home or business with backup energy during a power outage. Click below to dive deeper than this solar services overview.

Financial Advantage Of EV Charging Solutions

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) just unleashed a treasure trove of tax credits and incentives for homeowners and businesses! It’s a golden opportunity for those ready to dive into energy-efficient tech, like EV charging stations. Let’s electrify the future!

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