Our Culture: Powered By Solar And Passion

In the Carolinas and Georgia, our culture has put Firefly Solar at the forefront of installing quality, world-changing solar technology systems. For example, our team collaborated directly with Tesla to install their very latest inverter in South Carolina which was only the third install of its kind in the world. So, by building our culture on a foundation of solar expertise combined with a passion for continued learning and collaboration, we absolutely believe the future of renewable energy growth will be brilliant.

Our culture invites change and fresh ideas.

Working in an energy industry that is constantly evolving and improving at exponential speed, it’s critical to create an energetic atmosphere that allows for an open exchange of solar powered possibilities. So pull up your thinking chair and let’s mix it up.

Thinking Chair - Our Culture
Our Culture - Stars

Look, we didn’t start up to be super stars.

Firefly Solar didn’t set out to be the super stars of solar energy installation. However, we just might. With a fanatic customer first process backed by top talent with deep solar power knowledge and extreme work ethic, great things are bound to happen!

Investing in Employees

Sure, it’s easy to say our culture is electric, brilliant and inspired by the energy independence solar power provides. Also, anyone could go on about an open environment that listens to new ideas and their intense customer first process. For the record though, all of the above is spot on. However, if we’ve sparked your interest in starting a career at Firefly Solar, you’re probably also curious about our complete benefits package. Well, here ya go. If you think you’d be a good fit, click here to check for job openings. Thank you!