About Us: Linking You To Solar

We empower you with independent, clean Solar Energy.

Of course, this isn’t so much about us as it is about you! Firefly solar empowers you with a link to solar energy, a connection to sustainable power, and helps you experience the freedom and joy of energy independence. Furthermore, something else “about us” that YOU most definitely will want to take advantage of is the utility savings we facilitate! Using only the highest quality equipment at the most affordable prices, we enable home and business owners like you to save tens of thousands of dollars on their utility bills. Mic drop.


Inspired, responsible leadership is essential to making sure your project is a success.


When it comes to happy customers, we’re beyond serious about every solar power install.


Our culture has put us at the forefront of world-changing solar technology systems.


We’re here to make the transition to renewable energy easier than you ever imagined.

Firefly Solar Insurance stands alone in the solar industry as the lifetime solar warranty of choice. Our warranty program assumes up to 100% of the risk of your solar arrays for all mechanical and electrical failures due to normal use, even beyond the manufacturers’ warranty. One thing to know about us is that you’ll have complete peace of mind knowing your solar investment is protected!

Replacement, removal and installation of new panels and inverters

Gap insurance in the event that the manufacturer goes out of business

Extends 100% original manufacturer warranty coverage to a lifetime warranty

Lifetime roofing warranty guarantees that any roof penetrations will be watertight

Another thing customers find helpful about us is that by using state of the art 3D imaging technology, we are able to create a digital rendering of your solar installation, long before we ever get on the roof.

Using the same technology, we are able to eliminate any guesswork and generate a detailed shade analysis so that you know exactly what to expect from your system for the next 25+ years.

Solar Digital Renderings

Know What To Expect.

How solar power systems work

In somewhat scientific speak, solar energy systems work by converting the sun’s energy to electrical energy with the help of solar PV cells. Photons in the sunlight are used to ionize the solar cell atoms. The electrons from the atoms move through a circuit thereby generating current. In contrast, the thing about us is that we like to keep it simple, so check out the visual explanations in the tabs or click the button below to learn more.

environmentally responsible

Support sustainable efforts. Join us!

Firefly Fan Reviews

“Kris went above and beyond to make our roof replacement happen and push through all the details for our immediate need. The staff is very responsive and quality of work is excellent. Highly recommend!”
Jennifer Woodard, Read More
“Very knowledgeable and helped ease my mind. Very professional group that took a total of 2 days with a battery just as they promised. I’m definitely recommending this company to family, friends and neighbors.”
Nik Greene, Read More
“Exceeded every expectation at every step of the process and severely reduced my reliance on my utility. Can’t speak highly enough of their expertise, their work ethic. If you’re considering solar, these are the people you want.”
James Bullard, Read More

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