You see them popping up on people’s roofs across Greenville, South Carolina – solar panels. This energy-saving system is in big demand here. And it’s only going to get bigger. Now’s the perfect time to reap the benefits of going solar, but you must ensure that the installation of your system is done to perfection.

It’s not something you should try on your own.

This article shows you six reasons why it pays to get it done by a pro instead of doing it yourself.

As a bonus, instead of leaving you on your own to type into Google, “solar installers near me” – we’ll show you the best option to call for homeowners and commercial businesses in Greenville South Carolina.

Solar Panels Greenville, SC – Don’t Do it Yourself, Get a Professional Solar Installer in South Carolina to Do it for You so You Save More on Each Electricity Bill!

After Sales Support

One of the most important reasons for hiring a professional South Carolina solar company is for the after-sales support you get. Solar panel systems are complicated systems and it is just as likely for you to encounter a problem with the system after the installation as during it.

As such, having one of the best solar companies in South Carolina guiding you through your post-installation problems can help you rectify the problem much quicker and efficiently than by DIY-ing it. This will help you not only save time and thereby get your system up and running sooner, but it can also save you from unnecessary expenses that could arise from an incorrect diagnosis of the system problem.

In addition, if your system ever needs to have a part replaced, a professional installer can also help you procure the system components quicker and for a lower cost, again saving you time and money. In case the problem with your system is just a minor glitch, your South Carolina solar installer may even fix it free of cost as a gesture of goodwill.

Can Help You Choose the Right System

Perhaps even more complicated than installing a solar system is sizing it in the first place. This is because the installation of a residential solar system, no matter large or small, generally follows the same procedure consisting of a few specific industry-standard steps.

However, designing a system is a step that takes into account several factors, each of which is usually unique to each homeowner such as their annual energy consumption, the amount of sunlight they receive, the orientation and tilt of their roof, and more. In addition, there are various efficiency losses that must also be accounted for when designing a system otherwise you could end up with an under-sized system.

As such, designing a system is a very intricate process since the system has to be personalized to the needs, roof space, and shape, of the homeowner. This is why designing a system warrants a thorough evaluation of the property and the installation site, one which requires more expertise and experience than an average homeowner will have. Trying to do it yourself can lead to one of two things, either you’ll end up oversizing your system or under-sizing it.

Oversizing the system means you’ll be investing in more solar equipment than you need leading to an overall higher cost of the system that offers you no additional benefits. On the other hand, under-sizing the system could mean that your solar system is incapable of fully accommodating your energy needs which means you’ll have no choice but to rely on the grid-supplied energy.

Fortunately, hiring the best solar installer in South Carolina can easily get you through this tricky stage. With their years of experience, solar companies in Greenville SC know exactly what things must be considered and accounted for when designing a system. This allows them to design a system that perfectly suits your needs and wants.


Installing solar panels is not just a complicated process, it is also dangerous, especially if you lack the proper safety gear and roof-work experience. This is because the installation process involves you hauling large and hefty solar equipment onto your roof, in most cases, using a ladder. As a result, there is a high chance of you missing your step on the ladder or losing your balance and falling over which could lead to some major injuries as well as damage to the solar equipment.

Even if you manage to get all the equipment onto the roof, there is still the likelihood of you slipping due to uneven footing on the roof thanks to the shingles. This, again, could lead to major injuries which, in the worst-case scenario, may even turn out to be fatal.

Professional solar companies in Greenville, SC, however, have years of experience working in installing as well as dismantling solar panel systems from residential roofs. These professionals have all the necessary training, tools, and safety gear to execute a quick, efficient, and quality job without jeopardizing their or anyone else’s safety. That is why hiring one of the best solar companies in South Carolina is a much safer option than a DIY installation.

Experience and Training

Of course, one of the biggest reasons for hiring a professional installer is because of their vast field experience and training which allows them to perform a much better and faster job than any layperson or handyman could do. This experience also allows these professionals to identify any unique equipment or steps that might be required for your system’s installation to ensure that it is firmly installed and positioned for optimal performance.

If a DIY installation guide or video on the internet has you convinced that you don’t need the professional experience and that a DIY installation is easy and effective enough, do remember that the person who made the content is probably a professional themselves or at least has taken multiple attempts at installing the system before getting it right. This means that actually performing the installation will likely not be as easy as depicted in the guide or video.

Even slightly mishandling the system or incorrectly interconnecting the solar components can easily damage the sensitive internals of the system, the replacement of which would be a superfluous expense that you could have easily avoided by hiring a professional.

You Won’t Have to Worry about Paperwork

Installing solar panels on your rooftop is not as simple as buying a few solar panels and screwing them to your roof. Instead, it is a long and tiresome process, one which is also governed and regulated by the State government to ensure the system is safe and does not breach any State laws.

To ensure that your system complies with the State laws, you are required to apply for permits for your solar system before you can install it. Normally, you’ll also need a permit from your utility since net metering is being offered to the solar owners of Greenville and in other cities and counties of South Carolina. These permits ensure that your system is safe and won’t cause any disturbances when connected to the grid.

However, applying for and securing the permits is a prolonged and antagonizing task that involves a ton of paperwork and can easily take more than a month to complete. In fact, solar permitting is the most time-consuming step involved in any solar installation project. In a DIY installation, you yourself will have to inquire and research which forms and applications you have to fill and where you have to file them.

Additionally, you’ll also want to fill in the paperwork for claiming the solar tax credits and incentives offered in South Carolina to help lower the installation cost of your system which is an entirely different headache on its own. It is safe to say that all the paperwork involved in a solar installation is no less than a tribulation.

Fortunately, with the best solar installer in South Carolina by your side, you won’t have to worry about the paperwork. This is because most solar companies in Greenville, SC handle all the paperwork, filling, and filing, for their clients. All you’ll need to do is make a few signatures and then wait for the permits to be issued.


Generally, most manufacturers cover their solar panels with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to this, some solar companies in Greenville, SC also cover their services through warranties, guaranties, or some other types of assurances.

With a DIY installation, you’re not only missing out on the warranties and assurances offered by solar companies, you also risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty that covers your solar panels. This is because the manufacturer’s warranty is always subjected to certain terms and conditions which often include that the solar panels must be installed by a certified and licensed solar installer.

As such, installing your solar panels yourself can result in you losing the warranty on your solar panels. This means that any repairs or replacements that would’ve been covered under the warranty and therefore, would have cost you nothing, will now have to come out of your own pocket.

The Best Solar Companies in Greenville, SC – How to Choose One

There are a number of solar companies in Greenville, SC. So, how do you choose one? Here are a few tips to help you choose a good solar company for your project.

1.      Start with “Solar Installers Near Me”

If you’re a resident of Greenville, DC, the first thing you should do is filter out the irrelevant company options that do not even operate in your area. The best way to do this is to search      “solar installers near me” on any search engine, preferably Google, or Google maps. This will narrow down your options to only the solar companies in Greenville, SC.

2.      Look for Certifications and Licenses

Once you’ve searched for “solar installers near me” and are presented with some options, the next step should be to check which of the listed company names are licensed and properly certified. While license and certifications aren’t a reliable measure of the quality of services a company offers, it is a good indication of the competence and capability of a company and to discern whether or not the said company is qualified enough to handle your job.

3.      Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to judge how good a company is at its job and how well they treat its customers is to ask the company for referrals and testimonials from its previous clients. Follow up on the testimonials and references the company provides you to confirm their suitability for your project. If a company hesitates to provide references and testimonials, it is best to find another option.

4.      What Services Do They Provide?

When you search for “solar installers near me” on, let’s say, Google, you’ll be presented with a number of solar companies in Greenville, SC. However, since you only searched for solar installers, that is all most of those solar companies will be. A limited range of services means limited expertise; therefore, you need to go through the listed options and consider only those that offer multiple services such as solar installation, repair, maintenance, dismantling and reinstallation, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Solar Panels Increase Home Value In South Carolina?

Yes, Solar panels definitely increase home value in South Carolina.

How Much Are Solar Panels In South Carolina?

Residential solar systems cost anywhere between $3 to $5 per watt, this is before factoring in tax rebates and incentives.

Is It Worth Going Solar In South Carolina?

Solar panels offer free energy, various tax credits and incentives, and an enhanced home value. Seeing as South Carolina also has ample sun throughout the year, it is definitely worth going solar in South Carolina.

Can You Get Free Solar Panels In SC?

While there are numerous state, federal, and utility-based solar tax credits and incentives in South Carolina, it is not possible to get free solar panels in SC.


In light of all the reasons stated above, it is clear that hiring a South Carolina solar company or installing your residential solar panel system is the best way to go solar. This not only ensures a high-quality installation job but also provides you with reliable after-sales support you can fall back on if you experience any problems with your system.      Seeing as how finding the best solar companies in South Carolina is as easy as hopping on a search engine and typing      “solar installers near me,” there’s no reason why you would want to carry out a solar installation yourself.

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